Membership Types

Education Affiliate: ($25/year) College, University, Medical Center, or similar type of parking program

Vendor Affiliate: ($75/year) Companies or individuals in the parking industry who are involved in the sale of goods and/or services, management, consulting, operations, or construction

Associate Member: ($10/year) Additional members associated with an education or vendor affiliate

Join the CPTA and gain access to these great benefits:

  • Networking with other parking professionals
  • Opportunities for vendors, suppliers, and consultants to connect with potential customers
  • Access to information, products, and services within the parking industry
  • Email Listserv access allows members to discuss a variety of topics with collegues

Membership in the Campus Parking and Transportation Association (CPTA) is based on the annual year of January 1 to December 31.

Education Affiliated Members
Vendor Members